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2016 Family Favorites


2016 Family Favorites

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What Makes Something a Family Favorite?


Let's start with the simple things:

- Great value

- Family-friendly atmosphere

- Fun for all ages

- A trusted resource

- Superior customer service


It goes deeper than the simple benefits, though. Throughout the years we've compiled Family Favorites we've heard from readers that their favorites give them so much more:

- "We love to go back again and again."

- "Makes my parenting life easier."

- "Feels like family."

- "Kids never get bored there."

- "I can relax."


On the journey through parenting it takes time, money and a lot of trial and error to narrow down your list of go-to restaurants, playspaces, health experts, attractions and more. Our goal is to get you to that short list faster. With recommendations from peers - fellow parents who've been there, done that Colorado Parents Family Favorites cut through the experiments and goes straight to the tried and true.


Don't forget to share this list with your friends. After all, it's by sharing information and insights that we make parenting just a little easier and a lot more fun for each other.


2016 Family Favorites

Family Favorites - Family Travel
Preparing for a family adventure is exciting … and more than a little daunting. We’ve taken care of the research by highlighting some of Colorado’s best destinations so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Colorado Family Campground
Colorado Road Trip
Destination Vacation
Family Day Trip
Resort or Hotel
Summer Mountain Getaway
Winter Resort for Families


Family Favorites - Sports & Fitness
Active families are happy families. Roll, run and swing your way around town with these reader-approved programs and classes.

Baseball or T-ball Program
Basketball Program
Golf Lessons
Ice Skating
Martial Arts Studio
Soccer Program
Sporting Event for Families
Tumbling or Gymnastics
Workout for Mom


Family Favorites - Education
Decisions about early and primary education are often the toughest ones we’ll make as parents. Here’s a look at the services, schools, and websites our readers trust most when it comes to instilling in their children a love and passion for learning.

5 Educational Websites Colorado Parents Love
Childcare Center – Multiple Locations
Childcare Center – Single Location
Foreign Language School
Private School
Special Needs Resource or Organization
Tutor or Academic Enrichment


Family Favorites - Family Fun
Blame it on the mountains, but if there’s one thing that unites Colorado families it’s a mutual propensity for soaking up the fun. With so many parks, trails, world-famousattractions,eventsandmuseums, it’s hard not to have a great time in Colorado. Here are a few of the many places our readers like to play.

5 Fabulous Family Freebies
5 Favorite Hike or Bike Trails for Families
5 Must Visit Colorado Parks
Children’s Theater Productions
Family Fair or Festival
Indoor Playspace
Mommy- or Daddy-and- Me Activity
Museum for Families
Nature Center
Place for an Animal Encounter
Playdate Spot
Special Family Event
Value for Entertaining the Whole Family
Water Park or Swim Center


Family Favorites - Lessons & Camps
From acting to zip-lining, extracurricular activities play an important role in a growing
child’s life. Here are the standout programs and lessons our readers suggest.

Children’s Acting Lessons
Children’s Art Studio or Craft Center
Dance Studio
Musical Instruction
Overnight Camp
Ski Lessons for Kids
Sports Camp
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Camp
Summer Day Camp
Swim Lessons


Family Favorites - Services & Shopping
You’re way too busy to waste valuable time schlepping around town searching for the best shops and services for your family. With these parent-approved picks, we take the guesswork out of everything as small as haircuts and as critical as estate planning.

5 Kid’s Apps Colorado Parents Love
Birthday Parties
Children’s New Clothing Store
Estate Planning & Wills
Family or Child Photographer
Hair Salon for Kids
Home Furnishings
Kid-Friendly Shopping Center
Local Toy Store
Mom Getaway
Resale Clothing Shop or Event


Family Favorites - Food & Drink
Whether you need takeout pronto or a night away from your kitchen, we’ve got you covered with one-of-a-kind grub dished up in some seriously kid-friendly establishments.

Birthday Cake
Breakfast or Brunch
Frozen Yogurt
Grilled Cheese
Healthy Family Restaurant
Kid's Meal Menu
Local Burger Joint
Local Family-Friendly Restaurant
Local Ice Cream Shop
Local Pizza
Online Grocery or Meal Delivery Service


Family Favorites - Pregnancy & Baby
Getting ready for baby can feel like a full-time job. We’ve asked readers to weigh in on the local services,peopleand places that aid in pregnancy, delivery, and new parenthood.

Birthing Center
Breastfeeding Instruction and Support
Maternity and Baby Store


Family Favorites - Health & Wellness
Whether it’s rotavirus that’s making its way through daycare or a chipped tooth on the
football field, you want the best medical care for your child. These pediatricians, hospitals, dental and vision specialists come out on top with our readers.

Family Therapist
Hospital or Health Clinic
Natural/Homeopathic Health Care
Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor)
Pediatric Dentist
Urgent Care