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3 Simple Valentine's Day Crafts

Simple Handmade Projects to Make with Your Kids

February is a great month for crafting and creating handmade gifts. After all, it is the month we celebrate our many valentines whether they are romances, loves, or friends. When children have the opportunity to create their own masterpieces, the value in the giving is multiplied. Crafting with your children also creates a time to talk and share while the focus is on the project and not on current issues. Here are three simple projects to make for Valentine’s Day.

Clay Heart Beads

This project is great for kids with anxiety issues.  Molding clay is calming and has proven successful for kids who experience stress.  Add the beads to necklaces, bracelets, or key chains.



Sculpey Bake Shop Clay 


Small paintbrush



Roll and sculpt clay into bead shapes by hand. Using a paintbrush or skewer, push a hole through the center of each bead.  Bake beads according to directions on package. Let cool completely. String onto twine and wear.


Paper Crafted Heart Ornament

Without the need for glue, this is a great project for young kids or groups.



Chipboard heart shape

Paper scraps

Washi tape


Hole punch


Ribbon or beads



Cover the heart shape with small scraps of paper. Add Washi tape to cover the heart and hold the paper down. Punch two holes. String wire through the holes, adding beads and wire if desired.

Felt Envelope

Because felt is sturdy but easy to work with, this is a great beginner stitching craft. The finished masterpiece can be used to give a gift or to hold Valentines.



White, red, and black felt

Envelope template

Embroidery floss







Download and print the envelope template. Pin the template on the felt and cut out; or cut out the template, lay it on the felt and trace around it with a pencil; then cut out. Fold up the bottom of the felt, using the fold line on the template as a guide. Thread the needle with embroidery floss, and knot at the end. Stitch up the two sides of the envelope, knotting the embroidery floss when you’ve reached the top. Glue or stitch the heart and button decoration on the envelope flap. If you want the envelope to stay closed, apply a small piece of self-adhesive hook and loop fastener, such as Velcro.


Notes: Enlarged or reduced the template to create the size of envelope you desire. Standard embroidery floss is comprised of 6 easily separated strands twisted together. Adjust the thickness of your stitching by separating and using a different number of strands.

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